MeasurePoint for Crime Scene Surveying

Easy creation of 2D drawings to scale

Thanks to MeasurePoint, you can now create 2D scale drawings of your crime scene surveys even faster and easier. See for yourself now the many ways you can use it.

Detailed crime scene sketches and extensive measurement procedures

Thanks to MeasurePoint, it's now even faster and easier to create 2D drawings to scale of:

MeasurePoint site plans for outdoor and indoor events

MeasurePoint site or building plans

MeasurePoint Crime Scene Surveys

Convince yourself now of the wide range of possible applications.

Extensive functionalities

See for yourself the many functionalities and benefits of MeasurePoint. Whether you need terrain or building drawings, accident or crime scene surveys, MeasurePoint can support you in all your endeavors.

Extensive measurement methods

Right angle, triangle, tracing, space, GPS & distance spider

True to scale 2D drawings

For the creation of site plans, sketches and crime scene scenarios

Easy exchange of files

Export as PDF or PowerPoint files (without license)

Multiple icons to complement the drawing

Fair icons, nature icons and individual icons

Support during the creation of your planning

No matter at which stage of your planning: We support you with our expertise

Simple & affordable licensing model

Little storage space required

Technical support
Mo-Fr / 8-17 Uhr

Versatile measurement methods

Whenever a 2D accident / crime scene drawing needs to be made due to a legal requirement, MeasurePoint is a quick and easy alternative to the previous manual drawing. Convince yourself of the many possibilities of the different measurement methods!

MeasurePoint application areas:

Insurance companies

Security industry

Plant security

Authorities (Police, Federal Police, Customs, Armed Forces)



Individual symbol databases

Special symbol databases make the planning sketches and site maps clearly arranged

MeasurePoint can even be used to create templates for create information boards

On request, we can create all the symbols you need for your long plan

Victim placement in crime scene sketches made easy

With the help of our “Chris”, you can quickly and easily add victims to your crime scene sketch with proper scaling and placement. With this unique feature, you can not only add a person to your sketch, but also scale the placement of arms and legs to create a meaningful report, for example, to present in court.

Advantages of MeasurePoint in Crime Scene Surveying

Right angle measuring method

Triangle measuring method

Distance spider (using laser rangefinders with directional function)

GPS measurement method (with the help of GPS coordinates)

Tracing method (with the help of aerial / satellite images)

Quick measurements

Blast crater measurements

Using the sketches created with MeasurePoint, automated measurements can be taken within the sketch at any time – a valuable feature especially in the context of evaluation procedures. In addition, the integrated symbol database can be extended individually at any time according to your needs.

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